Pittsburgh Consulting Community

Pittsburgh Consulting Community


The Community is an informal gathering of consultants, mostly solo-practitioners, discussing our mutual interest in advancing each others’ businesses by:

  1. Learning how to run, market, and grow a consulting business,
  2. Providing more value for a client by doing something together that you couldn’t do on your own,
    1. Collaborating with others on projects
    2. Finding people who could fill a void in a project
    3. Finding experienced people who can develop creative solutions together
  3. Networking with like-minded professionals, and
  4. Sharing past experiences


Establishing this Community provides the following potential value for those involved:

  1. The ability to create a virtual organization
    1. Independent consultant, solo-practitioner
    2. Have the potential/option to have associates
    3. Not dedicated to a single entity
    4. Adjunct consulting
    5. Have some back-up when you need it
  2. The ability to provide a unique service without the “bricks and mortar”
    1. Not a commodity approach
    2. Value-driven
  3. The opportunity to maintain a high margin business