June 2020
In a Crisis, Culture Matters

Clear and Aligned Cultures Make a Difference . . . in Good Times and Bad

Prior to the onslaught of COVID-19, I had the opportunity to work with two organizations on projects that focused on assessing and enhancing their culture. Both had growth plans and wanted to make sure that they had the organizational culture necessary to drive that growth. The results of the culture assessment showed two very different cultures. The employees at one organization perceived the culture to be very clear and aligned on all twelve critical culture factors. The other organization, . . . not so much.

Now, amid the pandemic crisis, I have been able to observe the responses of both organizations and talk to their employees and leaders to understand the reactions to their company's actions. 

Guess which organization had a proactive and robust response to the pandemic, bounced back quickly and is back on track? 

Strategy Driven Leadership
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Presented by Michael Couch and Richard Citrin

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Strategy-Driven Leadership: The Book

"Too often there's a gap between what leadership development programs promise and what they actually deliver. Thank goodness, then, for Couch and Citrin. They begin with your organization's business strategy, build skills through actual experiences, and give readers an evidence-based process that delivers results. "
Daniel H. Pink
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