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Leveraging Talent to Drive Market Performance


A client recently asked if there was any evidence that "HR can have an impact".   I was pleased to be able to provide a quick summary of the research that confirms that an organization's talent management practices can make a difference in terms of growth, returns and customer perceptions.  Here's a short list of some of the more telling research.

* High-Performing Organizations are:

  • 2.5x more effective at Performance Management,
  • 3x more effective at Leadership Development, and,

  • 3.5x more effective at Succession Planning (I4CP)

* High quality leadership is related to higher retention, engagement, and financial performance (DDI Global Leadership Forecast)


* Companies in the top 20% of talent management practices outperform on Shareholder Return (The Leadership Machine)


* Talent management practices account for as much as 43% of the difference between a company's book-to-market value versus its competitors (Deloite & Touche)


* The top 25 companies on key Leadership Development criteria outperform the worst 25 by 19 points in Market Capitalization Growth and by 44 points in Shareholder Return over a period of 10 years (Chief Executive Magazine)


I've done lots of workshops over the years that focus on developing the kind of talent management practices that can make a difference in the marketplace.  Workshops are great but take time and money to attend.  Therefore, I've decided to launch a free Webinar Series on the topic of Leveraging Talent to Drive Market Performance.  You can go click here for more details and to register or check out the article below.


Building a Strategy-Driven Organization: Leveraging Talent to Drive Market Performance


A High-Impact Webinar Series for Talent Leaders

Presented by Michael Couch


A strong and growing body of research has confirmed that an organization's talent can make a difference in terms of growth, returns and customer perceptions. Despite the evidence, many leaders struggle to leverage their talent in a manner that makes a difference in the marketplace. This FREE six-part webinar series will provide a roadmap to help you build the bridge between strategy, talent and market performance.


The webinars will be offered on consecutive Fridays at Noon in a lunch-n-learn format.  Webinar recordings will be available in case you can't make the sessions.  In addition, registered participants will receive whitepapers related to each webinar topic.


Webinar Dates and Topics:

October 3

Strategy-Driven Organization Development: Building the Talent-Market Performance Link


October 10

 Assessing Talent and Building Your Organization's Capability


October 17

Strategic Talent Management, Part 1: Leadership Development and Succession Management


October 24

Strategic Talent Management, Part 2: Hire and Promote Slow, Fire Fast


October 31

Leveraging Culture: Why Does Our Culture Suck and What Can We Do About It?


November 7

Talent Management Derailers: Keys to Keeping Your Talent Train on Track


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