What We Do

Strategy-Driven Organization DevelopmentSM

  • Link your talent strategy directly to the strategy of the business
  • Understand your organization’s ability to execute your strategy
  • Accelerate your organization’s capacity to handle change
  • Improve the ROI in people by building talent processes that are aligned and integrated with your strategy
  • Improve your ability to acquire, engage, deploy, develop and retain critical talent
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Strategy-Driven Leadership Development

  • Translate strategy into the unique, critical competencies required by leaders at all levels to drive the strategy
  • Assess talent at all levels to understand your organization’s ability to execute strategy
  • Identify the most effective Development Strategies to help build your pipeline of talent
  • Build Intentional Leadership Development practices that are NOT one-size fits all and that are built into work, not bolted on as something extra to do
  • Build analytics to assess the impact of organization and leadership development efforts
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Culture Assessment and Change

  • Understand the components of culture that drive revenue growth, market share, profitability, productivity, engagement, customer satisfaction and innovation
  • Assess your current culture and understand how you organization compares to companies globally
  • Build high-impact culture change action plans
  • Track progress on culture change
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Strategic Planning

  • Build a plan that is concrete and doable
  • Develop a more comprehensive plan in a shorter time with more buy-in
  • Get everyone in your company on the same page
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High Impact Facilitation

  • Achieve significantly improved, measurable results from meetings
  • Focus and accelerate team performance
  • Develop more robust strategy and plans
  • Significantly improve strategy deployment and execution
  • Improve time to completion by 50% or more
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Workshops and Speaking

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