Strategy-Driven Leadership:
Award Winning Finalist in the Business: Management and Leadership Category of the 2021 Best Book Awards Sponsored by American Book Fest, and the Playbook for Developing Your Next Generation of Leaders
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Michael A.
“Michael was a superior coach and facilitator for our Senior HR team meetings. I found him to be confident and efficient, with the experience, technical skills, and “been there, done that” to elicit the respect of the group.”
– Steven F. Baue Director, Human Resources Joy Mining Machinery
“Mike is straight-up the best meeting facilitator I’ve ever encountered. He is naturally gifted at focusing a group of people on a common meeting objective, building consensus, and developing a plan to communicate decisions to stakeholders.”
– Jennifer Ciccone Officer and VP of Human Resources Matthews International
“The process catalyzed our organization’s managers and leaders to act decisively to remove barriers to talented people in organization; and step in with a compassionate but effective plan of action where someone was struggling.”
– Josh Jordan Senior Marketing Manager Ventana Medical Systems