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The Effective Manager Series with Richard Citrin

The Strategic Technologist
The Organization Chart is Dead! Long Live Networks!
The Brave New World of Performance Management
Retooling Leadership Development: Driving Business Results with Intentional Development
Intentional Talent Development for the Tech 50
Inoculating Against the Burnout Pandemic
Energy: Our Most Precious Resource
Culture Counts: Lessons from the Culture Leader of the Year Finalists
Can Leadership Development Be Autonomous?
Challenging Conversations – Managing and Holding Your People Accountable
The Search For Self-Awareness
The Challenge of Innovation Leadership
Accelerating Leadership Development


Strategic Talent Management

Strategy-Driven Leadership Development: A New Model to Drive Business Results
Identifying High Potential Talent
Fixing Leadership Development
Building Links to Achieve Shared Goals
Top 10 Signs That You Are NOT Taking a Strategic Approach to Talent
The Elegance of Competencies
Building a Robust Succession Management Process
Strategic Talent Management: Not Your Grandfather’s HR
Talent Management Derailers: Keys to keeping your talent train on track
Leadership Development Redefined
Do Great Leaders Naturally “Bubble to the Surface”? Or The Fallacies of the Effervescent Model of Leadership
Succession Planning is Not Just Succession Planning
Accelerated TransitionSM: Assuring Success in a New Leadership Role
The Best Way to Waste Money on Training: Remedies for low-impact training
Assessing Your Organization’s Talent: People Are NOT Your Most Important Asset . . . Sort Of
A New Paradigm for Hiring: Change Your Thinking to Significantly Improve the Impact of Selection
Executive Coaching – Keys to Success
Strategy Driven Organization Development: HR’s Opportunity to Shine


Strategic Planning & Strategy Deployment

Crafting the Best Strategy Ever: How to Improve Strategy Development, Deployment, and Execution
Avoiding the Groundhog Day Syndrome: Improvement Projects that Achieve Results
Living Your Mission, Vision and Values: Strategy Deployment for the 21st Century
“HR Just Doesn’t Get It” – How To Improve the Rep of the Much Maligned HR Function
Keys to a Successful Strategy


Organization Culture

Lessons from Google’s High-Performance Culture
Leveraging Culture to Impact Business Results or Why Does Our Culture Suck and What Can I do About It?