High Impact Facilitation

We design and facilitate meetings that achieve measurable results that are a significant improvement over regular group processes

The Secret Behind High Impact Facilitation
  • Support can be provided for results of all types
  • For groups and sessions of all types
    • Small groups to groups over 100
    • From short 1- 2 hour sessions to multi-day events

The secret to a top-notch, facilitated meeting or event is as much the design of the session as the actual facilitation itself. Both are needed – a well thought out, step-by-step, focused process along with an expert facilitator who can keep the group on track.

Michael Couch & Associates excels in both.

What people are saying:

  • “Michael is straight-up the best meeting facilitator I’ve ever encountered.”
  • “I’ve been through 20 -25 such sessions and your leadership and refereeing skills were the best I’ve experienced.”
  • “ . . . you would have my vote as one of the best facilitators with whom I have ever worked.”
  • “Your excellent facilitation allowed us to gather a lot of input from a short meeting – I was impressed!”
  • “I found him to be confident and efficient, with the experience, technical skills, and “been there, done that” to elicit the respect of the group.”