Strategy-Driven Organization DevelopmentSM

Get talent right and compete through people.

“We have been working with Michael Couch & Associates for the past year and a half, and the results have been excellent. Michael Couch & Associates does not come in with a canned program that the organization needs to incorporate. Rather through a process of confidential, directed dialogue with key constituents, the current talent assets of the organization are assessed and mapped, and the key competencies for leadership success are identified based on the talents needs of the college. Michael Couch & Associates has enabled the college to jump start its leadership development process. We are pleased with their services and the results realized. I highly recommend their services.”
Daniel J. Obara, Phd.
Westmoreland County Community College

“Working with Mike was like putting on a pair of glasses for the first time: we had a crisp, three dimensional picture of our organization. What had been a blurry impression was drawn into sharp focus. We gained a window into our organization, clearly seeing the topography and we can now confidently chart our course forward. The process catalyzed our organization’s managers and leaders to act decisively to remove barriers to talented people in organization; and step in with a compassionate but effective plan of action where someone was struggling.”
Jennifer Ciccone
Officer and VP of Human Resources
Matthews International
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