Workshops & Speaking

We have presented workshops, talks, or keynotes on a variety of topics, to small teams of business leaders to mixed audiences of over 200.

Some topic examples:

  • Leveraging Culture to Drive Business Results
  • Competing Through People: Building a Strategy-Driven Organization
  • Put Strategy First, Not People
  • Living Your Mission, Vision, and Values: Strategy Deployment for the 21st Century
  • Who’s Taking Over: Succession Management and Leadership Development
  • Succession Planning is Not Just Succession Planning
  • Strategic Talent Management: Not Your Father’s HR
  • Building Champions: Six Sigma Applied to HR
  • Talent Management Derailers: Keeping Your Talent Train on Track
  • Dramatically Improving HR’s Impact: How to Run HR Like a Business
  • Understanding, Building and Assessing Leadership Competencies

What people are saying:

“Wow, he knew his stuff and the subject matter was great!!”
“Thank you so very much for the superb presentation! It indeed may have been our best session yet!”
“I really enjoyed your presentation. I like to listen to people who actually add value to someone’s career. It’s a nice change!”
“Very engaging and made the time flow smoothly”
“Seasoned. Great ability to work the room.”
“Michael is very knowledgeable and shares his knowledge in a concise and understandable manner.”

“The right presenter, the right subject, the right info.”
“Excellent content & delivery, managed time very well, good tight presentation.”
“Depth of knowledge was impressive.”
“The material was covered in a very efficient manner. The content was extremely useful and realistically applied.”
“I found you to be very engaging and I enjoyed the humor you added to the session.”
“Definitely knows his stuff. Sharing his experiences helped greatly.”
“Great practical application. His business background gives HR a ‘non-PC’ perspective. Great!”
“Michael knows the issues”
“His broad experience made the presentation fascinating.”
“I found your presentation extremely interesting and valuable. Thanks again for providing this stimulating information.”
“Great speaker, very relevant and knowledgeable.”
“Your case studies helped tie everything together.”
“Your advice was unique and invaluable.”
“You are truly a role model for the rest of us.”

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