Sustainability & Conservation

Sustainability & Conservation

“I’ve had a life long commitment to environmental causes. That commitment has spilled over into my business vision, a vision that includes the concept of sustainability. Michael Couch & Associates and our alliance partners can work with your organization to build a vision for sustainability and a sustainable organization.”

Michael Couch, President

Sustainability involves more than just environmental impacts

“Are we enhancing the economic and human capital upon which the community depends?”
Sustainable Measures

“Sustainability involves more than an environmental audit . . . an opportunity to explore the core values of an organization”
Sustainable Pittsburgh : The Case of the Mall at Robinson

From an organization perspective, sustainability includes three components:

  • Sustainable Business Growth
  • Sustainable Organization Culture
  • Organization Change Capacity

These components are hallmarks of our Strategy-Driven Business Growth and Value Driven Business Growth models.

Michael Couch & Associates Inc is a supporter of these Western Pennsylvania sustainability and conservations organizations.