Finding Hidden Talent in Your Organization

One benefit we often see from doing robust, objective Organization Capability Assessments is that we uncover hidden talent (Click here or here for more info on assessing talent).  These are often employees that report to a leader that is not a good developer or promoter of talent.  Or they have been in a similar role/department too long and are no longer challenged – they exhibited some agility at one point in their career but it was not recognized or encouraged.

We often refer to these folks as “High C’s”.  Once a leader shows some interest in them or they take on a new challenge, High C’s often flourish.  A typical response you get when you approach a High C about expanding their world is, “Really?  You think I can?”  or “Huh, I didn’t know that the execs knew I existed”.

Uncovering hidden talent is a real opportunity since many organization’s are now concerned about filling their pipeline.  Identifying and tapping into this reservoir of capability should be a one objective of any talent assessment process.

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